2015 Fishing Opener

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Fishing Opener, 2015 - Lakeland Area Fishing Report

What a change from last year’s opening weekend when all the lakes were still covered in ice! This year’s big weekend will see some of the best weather in several years. Forecasted highs in the 70’s with light wind and plenty of sunshine. Add to this a nice mid-April ice out with warming water temps (mid 50’s) and you can’t ask for much more. Catching fish will just be a bonus.

Crappie fishing has been getting better every day. The Crappies will start spawning in about three weeks, and right now look for them in the warmest part of the lake. They are there to warm up and start to feed heavily getting energy and nutrients for the spawn. Shallow Northern bays that warm up fast, 2 to 8 feet of water with scattered weeds and downed wood are great places to check. With the sun out, and a pair of polarized sunglasses, drive around slowly and you will see them near the surface many times. It’s hard to beat just a simple Crappie Minnow under a bobber early in the year, but casting small plastics can work also. Keep an eye out for schools of Bluegills, as they like these areas also.

The Walleye spawn is just winding down, however you might find some active spawning fish on the larger, deeper lakes that are slower in warming. A slow presentation with minnows on a jig, Lindy Rig, or slip bobber works great during this post spawn period. Another great tactic for spring Walleye is to throw crankbaits at dusk, and after dark near their spawning grounds. There are many changes being put into effect to help increase the Walleye population in the Northwoods. Be sure to check the posted size and bag limits at the boat landings, as it will vary lake to lake. Here is a link to the WI DNR that spells out the changes for this year. http://dnr.wi.gov/topic/fishing/documents/regulations/CTWalleyeRegsWebAp...


Once you find a Walleye spawning area, you have a good spot for the next month. Even after the Walleyes spawn, many will return to those spawning grounds every night for up to a month! They do this mainly to feed, and build back their strength from the rigors of spawning. Remember to release the big females to help the future of our lakes

Good Luck!

Pat & Bob
Captain Hooks Fishing Adventures

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